Metisse Workshop

Bought the frame kit from Adrian Moss end of 2002, He fitted my Ceriani's and Rear Hub

After spending most of 2003 at the back of the garage, finally got the engine rebuild underway. Re-Bore + new slipper Piston, New Valves + Springs, New Guides & Re-cut Seats Barrel & Head + Rocker Box chemically cleaned (S&S Diesels Waltham Chase)

Easter2003 took a week off work to start the build, temp install of Engine to work out Airbox issues. Wanted to stay with the big K&N, works really well and still has lots of life

Previous Engine mods include Gas Flowed Head, Increase Carb to 32mm Choke Dia, Increase exhaust port to accept B50 pipe 11/2" Dia, add second spark plug.

Ignition is total loss Interspan, had it from the original build 10 years ago never missed a beat (even when it was full of rusty water).

Although the QD hub had been fitted, it had not been aligned with the engine. A bit of a tight squeeze and still not 100% aligned, but there is nowhere else to go.

One of the jobs that was long overdue, was to remove the end of the crankshaft, and cut out the bulge in the primary chaincase. (chaincase had already had a footrest through it)

The exhaust is a different matter, my original pipe was shot. So Armour motors provided the base (a B50 high level front pipe), but it needs some major surgery to make it fit. As i don't have access to a pipe bender, its out with the Oxy-Acetylene torch and the hacksaw. The "Silencer" is home spun, with some wadding stuffed around an open tube (with holes), should get under the 102Db (mind you i have never seen a bike tested yet...)

Rear shocks are Works Performance Gas Duel Rate, if they work as good as they look i will be very pleased. Imported direct from California via Boston (my companys head office)

Finished in October 2003, too late for this season but should be run-in and ready to go for the 2004 season


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