Archive of Bikes I have Owned


BSA Bantam D1 125cc

stipped field bike, total loss ignition

Frances Barnet Villiers 197cc

Road Bike stripped down for field Bike

Cotton Trials Villiers 32A 250cc

My first Competion bike

Honda PC50 Automatic Moped (16 at last.....)

my first experience on the road, and mine was orange Yuck..............

Yamaha FS1E Super Moped

50mph from a 50cc moped, it blew your mind

Yamaha DT175 Trail Bike (17 now where's that test)

Back on the dirt again, this time with some power

Bultaco Matador 250cc Enduro

Ex ISDT bike (what a mistake, a pile of cr*p)

Suzuki TS250 Trail

really nice big two stoke, stacks of torque

Maico 400 Radial (Short Stroke)

Extreme Machine -Very Fast but a Ba*t*rd to start

Kawasaki KT250 Trials

Had two of these, bought one with its crankshaft in two halves (owner could not start it !)

Honda XL250 Trail

really nice on the road, bit heavy on the dirt

Kawasaki KH175 Trail

Nice Bike on the dirt, all be it a bit underpowered

Yamaha RD250 (found out that examiners prefer road bikes)

This bike took me over the ton for the first time, and i passed my test on it...........

Kawasaki KH350 Tripple

This thing was a monster power band between 5500rpm and 7500rpm, the only road bike i fell off

Kawasaki Z1000ST

This was the pinnacle of my road bike career, 130mph on a bike is far too close to God for my liking.

BSA 441 Victor

Back to the dirt and some classic racing, found some really good friends

BSA 441 Victor Conversion using Rickman Metisse frame kit

After snapping the frame off at the front engine mount the Rickman conversion was a huge improvement Fitted an NEB race clutch at the same time to take the extra power from the 32mm Amel 1 1/2" B50 pipe Slipper Piston Twinsparc Interspan K&N and Carillo rod

To vist the workshop and see how the re-build took shape click chain links

Ariel HT500 Pre-65 Trials

Built from a 1938 Rigid Road Bike, took 5years to find all the right parts

Suzuki DRZ400S

Bought in 2003 this 2001 model, run with both Michelin Enduro (Winter) and Bridgestone Trail Wings (Summer) tyres.

Suzuki AN400Y Burgman

Short run this one, needed a cheap to run road bike to get to and from my new job. Unfortunateley hit a deer, breaking my shoulder and a number of ribs.


Honda TLR200 Twinshock Trials

This was a good deal easier to ride than the HT , very forgiving on steep climbs. Weighs in at 194lbs with a wheel base of 51 1/2"


Honda NTV650V2

An excellent commuter bike this returning over 60mpg at 75mph. Only broke down once in two and a half years riding in all weathers (fuel pump relay). Really easy bike to get on with with loads of engine braking and torque from the big V-Twin


Honda NT700VA

My second Deaville this one a fuel injected model with ABS,took this one on my first visit to the IOM for the ManxGP in 2014


Sherco 250 Mono Trials

My first Modern Mono 2-Stroke Trials bike,bought after I gave up Pre-65 Scrambling in 2012


Faber Otter BSA 250 Trials

To vist the workshop and see the re-build take shape click chain links

Built from a road bike using a Faber frame, excellent little bike which served me well


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